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Jim Deeds is a Belfast based wood worker, poet and author. He devotes a lot of his time to making crosses in the workshop in his garage at the side of his house that he shares with his wife, three children and four dogs. In fact, on any given day you’ll find Jim and his faithful old dog Jenny in the workshop.While Jim admires the wood in his wood library and chooses the next piece to be made into a cross, Jenny sleeps at his feet, making a bed out of the saw dust and wood shavings he creates. It is a good partnership- Jenny gets a bed and Jim has the company of a trusted friend as he works the wood.

All of our wearing crosses are made from exotic hardwoods Jim has sourced from all over the world as well as limited amount of crosses made from locally sourced interesting woods. All the work is done by hand- from sawing to filing to sanding to finishing. Jim uses finishing oil applied by hand over many days to build up the sheen and to ensure the cross will have a long life.

Each piece of wood will have spent many, many hours in our workshop during the process of being made into a cross. Jim uses the time to pray while he works, offering prayers for whoever will eventually wear the crosses he makes. For Jim, woodwork is prayer in action.

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