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Hope Hoodies.

We have created some awesome hoodies to promote positive mental health and positive attitude.


Just last week, I had an idea that came to me as I was updating the social media of the walking group I formed, True Dad Tribe. I had an idea that we could and should be sharing public messages of positivity and support, regarding mental health. Living in an area of high suicide rates, I have continually been asking myself what I can do to try and help, besides the walking group.

The answer was staring me in the face. I could be using the clothing brands to be doing this. People could wear the slogans across a really nice hoodie, and all the while, we can still promote the Irish language in doing so. So I enlisted the help of an Irish Language Translator, one of Ireland's finest, actually - Mr Ciarán Ó Pronntaigh. Ciarán simply translated a number of phrases I passed on. So we have designed these, adapting the semicolon symbol from We are sure you'll love the hoodies which you can order now, from - grab one and spread some positivity.


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