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When you Believe.

"In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can."

Online, you can find thousands of quotes around the use of the word 'believe'. The one above is my favourite because of its simplicity. The word believe, can have many meanings too, but in its simplest form, it has this definition in the Oxford dictionaries, "believe: accept that (something) is true, especially without proof."

So how does that blend in with our latest project, the Believe pullover we have recently placed on pre-order? Well, the idea is to leave the interpretation open to the wearer to use it as their own statement! One might be a believer in God, and would therefore wear it to encourage others to believe in that God. Another person may be an ex addict and may wish to help others believe that they can get better and overcome their addiction.

Another person may use it as a way to tell people that if they believe in a process, they can achieve whatever they wish to achieve, whether it be wealth or health, like a new body transformation, a new home, a car or something not even materialistic. Therefore, we designed this simply garment with an intention to give people a lift, a simple word of encouragement, a helping hand some may say.

We believe that one simple word may change a person’s life, or even save it.

We hope you love the design. It is available now to pre-order, in many colours, on our website or by clicking the pictures below. It is also available as Gaeilge. We hope you Believe!

Thanks for your time,

Gerd Curley

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